Why I Write About Writing

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In my opinion, a writer isn’t per se someone who knows all the hills and valleys of the English language, or knows clever ways to avoid every grammatical pitfall. I believe a writer is someone who can talk about any dull fact with such glamour, that the reader will go to bed with it and wake up with it.

Still, writing without skill is like playing a concert without having learned to play. It leads to cluttered writing, to misunderstandings, and, in worst case, the author makes a fool of himself.

Though I’m a writer and editing (mainly Dutch) texts is my profession, grammar isn’t my strongest point. I studied all the books I could find on the craft of English writing (and soon I’ll have a frame on the wall to show for it), but somehow I keep forgetting the technical details.

I think we can help each other out—I write short essays on the technical aspects of the craft while reevaluating the stuff I learned. Then—to have a direct goal with my study—I’ll publish them here, so you and I may both benefit from them. In time, it may become a database where you can find the answer to any question that concerns the craft of writing.

It’s my nature to write in American English. But sometimes I have to correct British English texts for my day job. To assist in developing a consistent style, I’ll refer to the essential differences whenever I come across them.

Whether you blog or write articles for another kind of publication, your style is what makes or breaks your writing.

I hope this section will be of great use to the both of us.

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